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HOW DARE HE???!!!!! I’LL NEVER FORGIVE HIM!!!!!!#$@# ^%^&*^^$%&$%^&

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Everytime I online, I will open up Jae Joong’s twitter page first. Thus, I was so shocked to found that his profile has changed to a black/pink theme. I was so so shocked that I refreshed his page so many times and even posted about this on facebook and twitter. Then, later I found out that he changed his profile again which is now his ELLE picture in the background?? Anyway, the black/pink them was EPIC that I think only some people were an eyewitness. LOL (>_<)

The only snapshot that I have….the third picture (>_<)


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To someone who receive a lot of love

I still remember the first time I saw you. How can I forget such a life changing moment in my life!! I’ve always been a selfish person. But because of you, I learn to love somebody sincerely without expecting anything in return. But you did more than that. You thought me that life can really be a drama and almost everyone will go through some kind of hardships in their life. You are the one that proved to me that dreams really can come true. Oppa, you never knew, that you meant the world to me. I know that anybody who read this might just think as another typical fangirling post, but I really wrote this from the bottom of my heart.

I never ever thought that I’ll like anybody so much. When you’re happy, I’m happy and when you’re sad, I’m sad too. Sometimes I wonder, is this fate?? Is there some kind of reason why I happened to know you among so many people in the world?? I do admit that if you’re not a celebrity, I’ll never know about your existence in real life. Thus, I do have to admit that I’m only a fan in like maybe 1 million people?? Sometimes I wonder, will my life be different if I never knew you?? I might not spend too much every year right??(>_<).

Despite ups and downs, despite all hardships that we went through, I really do feel grateful knowing you and I will always be. For now, I hope that all these hardships will end and everything will be great for you.

Happy Birthday Kim Jae Joong!!!

Wishing you all the happiness in the world…..

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26 December

Today is a special day. It is the 7th anniversary of the debut of my favorite korean group, Dong Bang Shin Ki also known as TVXQ.

Yup, its been 7 years they became artists. They had gone through a lot of hardships to get to where they are now.

Though things are difficult now with the lawsuit process going on, I believe with all of my heart that things will get better for them. I believe that this nightmare will end soon and sweet dreams will come next for sure.

TVXQ is very important to me personally. Through TVXQ, I get to know Kim Jae Joong, my no.1 favorite people in this world. Thus, I am very grateful for the existence of TVXQ.

At first, I was so curious about Jae Joong so I read a lot about him, watch many videos of him while falling deep and deeper into him. Thus, in the process, I also get to know about the other 4 members of TVXQ and learn to appreciate each member though I have to admit that I am still a Jae Joong bias till today. Can’t help it I guess?? (>_<)

Always Keep The Faith!!! We will wait for you!!! (^___^)

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2010 Beanie Awards

Yup. You read the title right. It is not that I am suddenly starting an award when I don’t even have existing readers in the first place. I saw the awards at Dramabeans yesterday. I knew Dramabeans for quite sometime but only this year that I became a regular visitor of the blog since I became an official korean drama addict this year. I watched korean drama for quite some time since about 9 years ago?? But its only this year I actually really watch drama. Last time, I would watch any drama that sparked my interest but now, I am actually watching a lot of drama and actually following the drama that is currently airing in Korea. Not All though. I still watch those that sparked my interest only (>_<).

Back to the topic, back to the awards…


Pick up to three favorite drams??!! (o.o) It is seriously painstakingly hard. This is the last one that I decide the answers among all the categories.

After seeing the list, Sungkyunkwan Scandal is no doubt one of the three for me. The story is just well balanced and that became a problem. This year there is only two drama that made my heart goes thump just by watching every episode and the trailers are just so good that I was literally dying waiting it to air for real in Korea which are 1. Sungkyunkwan Scandal and 2. Mary Stayed Out All Night. I don’t know about others but Mary made my heart goes thump every episode but of course can’t still be compared with Sungkyunkwan. Mary is just a plain cute story. While Sungkyunkwan has a lot to offer than that. Another story that made my heart goes thump every episode is Bad Guy. I can’t imagine my heart thumped crazier than that. Bad Guy is just plain great. If only the ending is not disappointing, it can be THE drama of the year. Kim Tak Goo and Runaway Plan B?? I am very guilty. I am still watching. Thus, can’t really rate it yet. Some stories listed are nice but don’t really make the cut. And most drama I don’t watch so no comment (>_<). In fact, I don’t watch 10 drama on that list which means half of them!!! (>_<) I started to be a drama addict this year thats why (excuse to let myself slip (>_<)).

So, what about the other two?? I have no choice but to choose Mary Stayed Out All Night and Playful Kiss. Don’t get me wrong!! Its not that these two drama aren’t great, its just that it can’t be compared with Sungyunkwan. The two drama are really cute drama not like the all rounded Sungkyunkwan. So, if you asked me what is my real choice for the other two, I would answer A Man Called God and The Birth of the Rich. Am I the only one that thinks these two stories are great?? (o.o) Yup, it is not listed. I wonder why. These two drama are awesome. A Man Called God is like a pure action movie with great storyline. The Birth of the Rich looks like a normal drama and not that great but the cliffhangers are very good. It makes you continue watching and the storyline is not bad either. Thus, I really like it though it doesn’t look that great and because it doesn’t have any weakness either.

FAVORITE COMEDIC DRAMA: Coffee House/ My Girlfriend is a Gumiho/ Mary Stayed Out All Night

Who can beat the powerful Gumiho?? She is not just powerful she is just plain cute (>_<). Though half of the story is not really comedy (>_<).

FAVORITE HISTORICAL DRAMA: Dong Yi/ Sungkyunkwan Scandal

Dong Yi. Sungkyunkwan is great but for historical drama I like Dong Yi better (>_<).


A Man Called God. I LOVE action (>_<).

FAVORITE FAMILY DRAMA: Creating Destiny (Only watch this one. Thats why (>_<))

FAVORITE ROMANTIC PAIRING: Mary Stayed Out All Night/ My Girlfriend is a Gumiho/ Playful Kiss

This is hard!!! All the three couples are plain cute with each other (>_<). After thinking hard, I chose Playful Kiss. I guess Baek Sung Jo’s character make the couple more interesting?? (>_<)

BEST KISS: Playful Kiss/Mary Stayed Out All Night/ Personal Taste

This is also hard. But I chose Mary base on kiss alone (>_<). Personally I love all the three scenes. And all the three scenes are my favorite scenes so far for that drama excluding Mary. Mary has so may lovable scenes!!! (>_<)


I never pay that much attention to the piggy rides. They are so common!! (>_<) After thinking, I chose Sungkyunkwan because Guh-ro keep hiccuping all the way (>_<). So cute!!! (>_<).


Why there is no Baek Sung Jo?? I like him so much (>_<). A lot of my favorite characters are not listed in fact (>_<). Thus, left the two from Sungkyunkwan. This is also hard. I like both of them equally (>_<). In the end, chose Gu Yong Ha for his high spirits?? (>_<) Jae Shin ya (T.T)

BEST DRAMA POSSE: I AM LEGEND’s Comeback Madonna Band

Its not that I don’t like Jalgeum Quartet (>_<). But I really like the friendship among the band members (>_<).


Of course he will make the best villain!! He is HOT!!! (>_<)

FAVORITE BROMANCE: DR. CHAMP’s Ji-heon & Sang-bong

These two are just plain cute with each other. Enemies and becomes friends (>_<). And they look good with each other too!! (>_<). I like Mu Gyul-Jung In and Jae Shin-Yong Ha too!!! But my most favorite is still Ji Heon & Sang Bong. (>_<)


I guess I want Tae Sung to be happy (>_<).


Don’t even noticed him in Coffee Prince (>_<). I agree on almost all actors in the list (>_<)


All these are great drama. I don’t even know that Playful Kiss And Mary are underrated (o.o)!!! Why???!!! But I would say the most underrated one would be Dr. Champ then. Dr. Champ is great. I watch Dr. Champ without any expectations and I found myself surprised that I found the series are great. The series is almost like The Birth of the Rich in the sense that there is nothing missing (>_<). Wait, seriously Prosecutor Princess is great except I found that the ending is a bit rushed (>_<).

I have to say that the ending of Oh! My Lady is like Prosecutor Princess. Rushed (>_<). Bad Guy is I guess the most disappointing ending this year since I don’t watch Cinderella’s sister (>_<). Seriously, it would be THE drama of the year but in the end *Poof*. They just threw out a surprise for you.


BEST PERM: MARY’s Kang Mu-gyul
Oh gosh!!! Thats like the beautiful hairdo ever!! (>_<)


Best use of an idol star? Siwon (Oh My Lady)
Sorry Yoo Chun oppa. And I say I’m a TVXQ fan?? (>_<)

Worst use of an idol star? Eunjung (Coffee House)
I don’t really know her before this. I guess I would love to see her in a different role next time (>_<).

These are just honest opinions. Don’t hate me that much okay?? (>_<). And don’t forget I started to watch drama a lot starting this year (>_<).
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Just got this today. Just thought I want to share my picture with Jae Joong oppa (T.T). There are actually another 19 photos but I only show the one with myself. (>_<)

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30th June 2006

That is the day when I know Kim Jae Joong and TVXQ for the 1st time. As usual, I was just getting my weekly manga magazine, kreko. Kreko is a weekly manga magazine like Shonen Weekly Jump except that its a local franchise. Yup, I am a manga addict since forever. I can’t even remember which is my first manga and when did I started to read manga (>.<).

I still remember buying that copy and that is when I saw TVXQ for the first time in my life in a 2-page article. One page is just a splash page promoting their 1st concert tour Rising Sun in Malaysia. I still remember they were looking all good and cool that I feel frustrated at the article. I was like “Who are these guys?? They acted like all cool though I don't even know them!!.” Yup, that is my first impression of them.

The second page is like an introduction to the group. I do not even bother to read the article. Then, there is a slight introduction to all of the 5 members and that is the moment when I actually really saw at them closely and had a crush on Jae Joong at first sight. Yup, at the first page, I did not even bother to look at them closely. I wanted to get another dosage of manga remember?? (>.<). Remember that Jae Joong always said that his first impression is always a cold one?? Yup, its true in my case too. He really did gave a very cold impression to me but somehow I was attracted to the coldness, I guess?? (>.<). He had this aura around him. Yup, I got that from the first impression.

14th July 2006

The date has arrived!! TVXQ 1st concert in Malaysia!!! I still remember I was stucked at home that time. I felt weird that day. I felt uneasy for the whole day. It was like I regret not being there at the concert. “Why I should go when I don't even know them!!” that is what I thought. That is kinda true. At that time, I've never been to a concert and to go to a concert of a group that I do not even know does not sound like a good idea to me.


After some time, I still felt uneasy of not going to the concert. I know its weird. I also felt I was weird at that time. However, because of that uneasiness, I looked them up at limewire. Limewire is a p2p sharing program which are usually used to look up for songs in the net. I downloaded a lot of songs by them as many as I can. I was so curious about them remember?? Thus, I started to listen to their songs. At that time, I can't really distinguish everyone's voices. Since the boys sing well, I enjoyed listening to their songs.


I went for an outing with my family to the mall. For me, it still considered an outing (>.<). And that is when I saw the Rising Sun album and Heart, Mind and soul album in a cd store. I was like “How many albums do they have?? Not just a korean album...A japanese album too??!! (o.o)” I never buy an album. Both of the albums were RM40++. “I like their songs but I'm not really into them. Why should I spend RM80++ for a group that I do not really know about??” that was my thought at that time. Just like the concert, I felt uneasy again. I really felt like buying both of the albums but my reason was the one that held me back.


It was the last day at school. I stayed in a semi boarding school. I get to go home every 2 weeks which explains why I am not in any forum or in any particular online community since 2006. Since it is the last day at school, my friends and I decided to hang out at a nearby mall. I remembered we entered to a cd store, the same cd store of the previous chapter. I was like looking to both of the albums wondering should I buy them or not (>.<). It was such a dilemma. I am only a student with a little bit of pocket money (>.<). We hang out there for quite some time. Did I tell you I am a drama freak also?? (>.<) I enjoy watching korean drama and japanese drama. After a long time, I just noticed that there is a music playing in the background. I was shocked!!! It is TVXQ!!!! Was it Jun Su's or Chang Min's voice that make me notice?? Their voices are very distinct to me at that time. I was very very shocked!! My friends and I were hanging out for a very long time in the cd store and I just noticed their music playing in the store??!!! (>.<) I am pretty unobservant, I know (>.<). Plus, I just noticed at the counter, there was a sign saying “Now Playing” and I saw their 3rd korean album, O Jung Ban Hap ver. A. I was like, “What!!!! Another album???!!!! (o.o).” I had the same dilemma like the previous chapter. “Should I buy or not buy??” It was a hard decision at that time. But then, I have decided, “I should buy the new one. Who knows if they came up with another album again. It will be hard for me to buy all the albums at once,” that is what I thought. Thus, I bought my first album for the first time in my life. I remembered my friends were curious too. TVXQ is not a popular group among my friends (>.<). Since ver. A came up with photos, my friends and I were looking at the photos together.


It was the holiday season!!! About 1 month or 2 month?? Can't remember. I already graduated from high school and currently attending a private college in Malaysia. Yup, I'm from Malaysia. I think I forgot to mention that (>.<). Anyway, since it was holiday. I was totally free!!! (>.<). And that is the time, where I've decided to know Jae Joong better. I love him at first sight remember?? (>.<). Thus, I went to a lot of sites, mostly fansites from the international ones to the korean ones too. (>.<) I read a lot of articles about Jae Joong, I watched a lot of videos of him at Youtube too. (>.<) And my crush of Jae Joong turn into something like love and became deep and deeper as I know him till today. For me, it is the first time that I really really like a celebrity as a person. For me, its normal to have crushes. I have crushes like all the time especially on celebrities. But Jae Joong is the only one that made me look up for him online and made me wanted to know him more. Though I had a crush on him due to his appearance but after some time I really really like him as a person. I was really really into him that I can cry for him when I know what happened to him before they debuted.

Thus, that holiday, I became a complete fan of Jae Joong and TVXQ. While getting to know Jae Joong, I can't avoid but get to know more about the other members too. I was really really into him that once I dreamt about them. And when I woke up, I swore to myself that I will never dream about them again because I do not want to make it as dreams only. I want to make them as a reality. Thus, until now I never dream about them again.

I was also really really into him that I know this is very very weird, I can't stand fanfics until today (>.<). There was a time when I was browsing the internet and I stumbled a fanfic site. That person failed an audition with SM so she started to write fanfics on what if she is really accepted to SM?? Don't ask me for the link. It was 4 years ago!!! (>.<).Honestly, not just if she read this article, she writes very well. I love to write and I know a good writer when I see one. I know I am not a good one (>.<). She is a very good writer not just because of her writing but her imagination is also good. But I can't read fanfics bacause I can't imagine Jae Joong with anybody else. Call it jealousy if you want. Though what people write is just fictional but I really can't stand reading Jae Joong with anobody. Yup, I'm not into Yunjae due to the same reason (>.<). I don't have anything against Yun Ho. Its just I can't accept yunjae (>.<). I'm ok with Jaemin though. Because both of them are so cute. Since Jae Joong is the eldest and Chang Min is the youngest. Their relationship is just plain cute (>.<).

I was also really really into him that, this is the freakiest thought so far for me (>.<), I felt like leaving Malaysia and go to Korea and work with SM!!! (>.<). Remember that I don't want it to be as dreams and make it as a reality?? Yup, I went that far. I really thought of working with SM. I even thought of changing my dream job and be a lawyer for SM or be like one of the major shareholder in SM. Yup, that is how crazy I was. So what happened did you ask me?? I really thought of going but then I thought of Jae Joong. Jae Joong worked so hard to reach his dreams and that is how he is where he is right now. When I thought of Jae Joong, I think if Jae Joong knows me personally, I don't think he will like the fact that I abandon my childhood dream to be an astronomer just because of him. Thus, I promised to myself, I would do my best to achieve my dreams like he did since its the only thing that held me back from chasing after him.


Before I know Jae Joong and TVXQ, my life was just full of manga (>.<). I still feel like a miracle that I can know Jae Joong and actually like him as a person. Though I wish I can be there with him, I will always be here supporting him whatever happens.

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6. The unplanned section…

Did you notice something different about the site? there is a twitter section after the link on the navigation bar!!! Yup, I do not even put my links in the navigation bar in order!! Plus, do you notice there is a twitter box on the left column?? Yup, its not even me!!! Plus, all the tweets are in korean!!! (>.<) I know. I am so guilty. This is not even a dbsk fan site and I put Jae Joong’s tweets on the main page!!! hahahha (>.<) Yup, you read me right…This is never a dbsk site. It doesn’t look like any site in fact in current state. This site is supposed to be collections of my favorites and I have lot of them.

Well, I thought of having a revamp and going to update this site after my finals. However, Jae Joong’s tweets are so tempting that I decided to compile it. Thus, how the new and the unplanned section came about. I have compiled not only his tweets but also tweets that others sent to him and he replied to (The ones that he follow). The tweets are in korean or japanese with translations (most credits are not mine). Some are still untranslated since most sites translate Jae Joong’s tweets only. Some are my attempted translations.

Anyway, I have updated the twitter section daily up to date with Jae Joong’s latest tweet. Which requires patience in my side since he tweets a lot these days!! (>.<) Another mixed feelings I get from Jae Joong. I always get mixed feelings about Jae Joong. I am honestly happy that he tweets a lot everyday. I know what he is doing and how’s his day roughly. I think its awesome!! (>.<) On the other side, I have been spending most of my time online checking his tweets like every second and try to translate his tweets when I am supposed to study for my finals that are coming in 3 more weeks??!!! I have not been studying this week. So guilty (>.<).

Solution: Spend less time online to study more. Which results to not being up to date with Jae Joong’s tweets (T.T). Maybe, I will update daily still but end of the day instead of up to date with every tweets that he posted. I do not think I can bear not checking his tweets for one week. It will be a suicidal attempt!! (>.<)

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5. Another post after…….

Yup. I need to be shot. How long was it been since I have updated this site? (>.<) I dunno. Is it because of my studies?? I almost totally forgot about this site. Maybe because I do not update this daily. That’s why.

The 17.10.2010 post is accidental. I wanted to share to a lot of people. Not just people on Facebook. The post is totally unplanned.

So, what’s up with today’s post?? Playful kiss has ended!!!! (T.T) Do everyone here shares the same feelings with me?? I have to be honest. I do not like the 1st episode where they use too much imagination even though it fits with Oh Ha Ni’s character. I also do not like the way they copy Goong for the teady bears at the end of each episode despite the fact that the idea is totally theirs. Yeah, same producer but I just can not accept it. However, I really like it when they use Goodbye Sea to sing for the episodes. It is very original. (^.^)

(T.T) I think I am really going to miss the story. I know the story from the manga Itazura na Kiss. Personally, I really really like the story. That’s why I have been anticipating how the koreans are going to potray the story. Though I am not that excited with the casts at first, when I watch the series, I think the casts had done a good job. Kim Hyun Joong had totally bring out the Naoki that I know. I can not really compare it with the Taiwan version and the Japanese version since I have not watch both of them yet. But, I felt the korean version is very good. I really can put myself in Oh Ha Ni’s place and felt her suffering. Only another thing that I am not happy about is the episode where the matchmaking and the rain scene took place (afraid to give spoilers here (>.<)). How can they do it in one episode??!!! (o.o) They could have drag it to two episodes (T.T). I guess I really like to see how the characters suffer (>.<).

Besides that, JAE JOONG OPPA GOT A TWITTER!!!! KYA!!!!!! (>.<) It was so funny actually. Remember the letter that I want to give him personally on the 17th?? My second last paragraph, I wrote:

“Jae Joong oppa~

I have a suggestion. Why not the three of you have an official blog?? Through blog, we the fans, Cassiopeia and Big East can received news directly from the three of you. Or maybe, use twitter just like the characters in Sunao ni narenakute (^.^). The three of you can write in any language you want because some fans can translate the message for the other fans (^.^)”

*Please take not my korean friend translate this to korean. (>.<)

Can you imagine how I felt when I found out Jae Joong has twitter yesterday??!! (>.<) His first post is on the 3rd of October!!! What if he really read my letter and he is like “I got one already. Twitter.” I am so embarrassed. Mixed feelings again. Jae Joong always give me mixed feelings (>.<). Yup. I am really happy that he has a twitter account that I even put a widget on this site. In the same time, I am embarrassed when I thought of the letter I sent to him. Luckily, humans can not die from being embarrassed (>.<).

Before ending this post, I am really sorry for neglecting this site. This site is my dream but one one of my dreams I guess. I really want to update the site as often but my finals are coming in four more weeks. I guess I will have no excuse not to update when the holiday comes then (>.<)

Thanks for reading!!! (^.^)

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